Learn It! Live It! Love It!

Dance Company Worcester: A diverse, versatile dance group utilizing dance and all it’s genres to create art through motion. DCW is composed of approximately 29 professional dancers, college educated, street credited, and also by serious students who audition annually for the company. Dance Company Worcester is committed to providing the highest quality of dance for children, teens, and adults.

DCW was founded by Matthew C. Parello in 2007 and since then has been performing in various locations in Massachusetts, but most importantly striving to develop the arts in the Metro West area. The company was established to “give dancers the chance to dance”, an opportunity to show case these talented performers. Additionally, by inviting guest teachers and choreographers, combining all the genres of dance, we are helping each other improve our skills.

DCW works in many different dance forms in an effort to reach and engage the audience. Using stories that will inspire all, and performing routines that will entertain. Whether you are serious in dance training, in a possible professional career, or just want to perform, DCW is here.

We, as a company, continue to grow and learn everyday. The company also provides performances, demonstrations, and workshops for a number of private and public parties.

Through our mission we hope to significantly advance and enrich the cultural life of our community and create a heightened sense of awareness, excitement and reward to those who work with our company.  We also strive to bring new levels of entertainment to dance — both on and offstage.